UVS Corpolegal LLP is a Intellectual Property Law Firm. Helps legal services to individuals, IT Companies, institutions, industiries and government organisations. The firm is having its head office in the capital city New Delhi and presence in India. The firm has capability of providing comprehensive Intellectual Property services including procurement of IP rights, managing IP Transactions and enforcement of IP Rights.

India’s trade mark laws consist of the 1999 Trade Marks Act and the Trade Marks Rules of 2002 and 2017.
The regulatory authority for patents is the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks under the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion. The police now have more robust powers in enforcing trade mark law, including the ability to search premises and seize goods suspected of being counterfeit without a warrant. But these powers are tempered by the requirement for the police to seek the Trade Mark Registrar’s opinion on the registration of the mark before taking action. This adds to the delay and may result in counterfeit goods being removed or sold.
Trade names also constitute a form of trade mark in India, with protection, irrespective of existing trade names, for those wishing to trade under their own surname.
Because of the widespread practice of ‘cybersquatting’ – the registration in bad faith of marks by third parties registering domain names for certain well known marks in order to sell them to the original rights owners – it is advisable for rights owners to register their domain names in India as trade marks as soon
as possible.
Registration takes up to two years. A trade mark in India is valid for ten years and can be renewed thereafter indefinitely for further ten-year periods.

What we do?
We advise clients on trademark protection/strategic brand management and enforcement. Our approach is primarily focused on offering innovative, practical and progressive solutions to suit their requirements and queries.

Filing & Prosecution:
This includes weekly journal watch, trademark filings, prosecution, registration, renewal, replying to examination reports, trademark alert searches and we also provide legal advice on success rate of trademark registration.

Contentious services:
Opposition proceedings, rectification proceedings, cancellation of a trademark before the Trademarks registry and Intellectual Property Appellate Board.

Advisory Services:
We also help the client with brand conceptualization, conducting IP audits, due diligence and brand monitoring.

Brand Management:
We monitor the internet round the clock for counterfeiters on online marketplaces and provide the rights owners with actionable intelligence and information regarding the infringements online. Based on such information we help takedown such infringers from online and social media platforms. Not only do we identify, we also help brand owners defend online infringement and thereby help them grow their brands.

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