UVS Corpolegal LLP is a Intellectual Property Law Firm. Helps legal services to individuals, IT Companies, institutions, industiries and government organisations. The firm is having its head office in the capital city New Delhi and presence in India. The firm has capability of providing comprehensive Intellectual Property services including procurement of IP rights, managing IP Transactions and enforcement of IP Rights.

India is a signatory to the Berne Convention on copyright. However, it may be a good idea to register your copyright as doing so may help to prove ownership if there are criminal proceedings against infringers. In most cases though, registration is not necessary to maintain a copyright infringement claim in India. Registration is made, in person or via a representative, with the Copyright Office. Since 2016, copyright policy was moved to India’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry. All IPRs are now administered by the Department for Industrial Property and Promotion (DIPP).
Internet piracy of films, music, games and software is an issue in India, as is unauthorised copying of physical books.

What we do?
We advise our clients on copyright protection and assist them in enforcing their rights through injunctive relief, infringement suits or other legal remedies.

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